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About Me

Cain is a talented researcher, marketer, and content creator. Her portfolio covers the technology industry including email marketing, customer success stories and data-driven research. She also writes personal essays about empowering women, local politics, and affordable housing. 

Though she is brief in speech, she is expansive in thought and talented in writing. Cain uses her skill set to help underrepresented populations to increase quality of life and access to resources for those who are typically ignored in these processes. By analyzing data, penning research reports and opinion articles as well as bringing a fresh perspective to conversations of equity, Cain tries to make the world a better, more just place.


Skilled in: Writing, Investigative Journalism, AP Style, R Software, Data Analytics, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, Being Amazing.

Rescue Your Revenue with Browse and Cart Recovery

We subscribed to the email lists of 50 brands in the Internet Retailer Top 1000 to see what type of personalization and triggered messages they use to entice customers back to their websites.
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